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Structure Analytics records both bot and user traffic. Google Analytics filters out bot traffic. In future versions of Structure Analytics we will also have the option to filter our bot traffic.  

To view form submissions, follow these steps:
  1. Under the Forms Menu, select Forms & Polls.

  1. Click on the View Form Info icon underneath the Info column for the form you would like to view submissions for.

  1. Click on the View Submissions button.

Deployer is a best-in-class email service provider. We help our clients take their email programs to the next level by driving more subscriber engagement and increasing revenue. Deployer’s intuitive interface lets you create layouts, templates, landing pages, articles, event pages, pagesets, blogs, forms, e-commerce shopping, site navigation, SEO keywords, RSS Feeds and so much more, giving you greater control than ever before over your e-mail marketing. 

We are a SaaS model, enterprise-level system that’s highly secure, powerful CMS that’s simple and easy to use.

Built for agencies, by an agency - we’re users of the system ourselves.

Highly customizable, cloud-based, and mobile responsive, 
100% integrateble with every major platform and top merchant gateways like, Stripe, RallyPay & Antidote. Structure CMS provides a built in Varnish Caching layer too.

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Structure CMS is a multi-domain, advanced content management system. We are a one-stop cloud platform for creating, editing and managing your online presence. Structure’s full feature suite unleashes the full power of your online assets. Structure provides enterprise level power for users with entry level skills.

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