Account Console Overview

Welcome to rithmUniversity! In this track, we will introduce the basics of using Account Console. Account Console is the administrative glue for Market Rithm applications. Primarily it will function as a tool to manage your account, help you onboard new properties, add and manage new users, billing and support.

We will cover a variety of topics, including:
  • MR Sign In Walkthrough: Users will learn how to create your login for Account Console using the Market Rithm Sign In system. MR Sign In is Market Rithm's single sign-on application which will unify your user credentials across all Market Rithm applications, starting with Structure CMS and Account Console, followed by Deployer, Rithm CRM, and Validate Plus. MR Sign In will provide both convenience, additional security and provide users access to all of the Market Rithm applications.
  • Account Console Overview: This tutorial is going to go through a high-level overview tour of the Account Console. 
  • How to add a new Structure CMS™ website from Account Console: Users will learn how to onboard a new website using Account Console. All of your Structure CMS web properties will be managed on your Account Console dashboard. You will be able to jump to Structure CMS to manage your website content, manage your site settings, API integrations, DNS (coming soon), SSL's and much more...
  • Configuring Your New Website to Go Live: In this video, users will learn how to configure a new website to go live on their domain. 
  • Modifying Your Packages, Custom Features, and Add-Ons: In this video, we will review how to manage your packages, custom features, and add-ons.
  • Introducing the Support Center: Users will learn how to use our new Ticket Management System, which will allow you to submit support or feature request tickets and communicate with directly our support staff, until the ticket has been resolved. 
  • Introducing the Agency Center: In this tutorial, users will learn how to apply for agency status. We built Structure CMS and Deployer for our agency to serve our clients...simply stated our SaaS platforms are "Purpose-built by our agency, for your agency" and as a Market Rithm agency, you will have access to agency tools and generous revenue sharing opportunities.